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Professional Cleaning & Home Maintenance Services Coffs Harbour

Garden Maintenance

Garden Maintenance Coffs Harbour

General garden maintenance for your home

If you are looking for a good quality and reliable garden maintenance service, look no further. Coffs Spring Clean are your local garden maintenance specialists. We can do a regular mowing and edging service or a once-off garden tidy up as part of a bond clean. We don’t mind doing a small courtyard or a large block, no job too big or small.

Our Garden Maintenance Service

  • Mowing and whipper snipping
  • Pruning and lopping
  • Hadges and topiary
  • Garden beds and garden edging
  • Repairs to gates and fences
  • Pathways and paving jobs
  • High pressure cleaning
  • External window cleaning

Lawn Mowing Tips

Mowing seems relatively simple, but each time you mow determines the ongoing success of your lawn. Mow the right way, and you’ll en up with healthy turf that is drought-tolerant and thick enough to crowd out weeds.

Avoid cutting your lawn too short, as this weakens the grass and allows weeds to take root. Always keep your mower blade sharp to ensure your blade cuts grass cleanly so that you don’t end up with grass that is torn and uneven, which can leave openings for pests and diseases.

Adjust mower height for each season, setting the mower higher in summer allows grass to grow taller helping to shade soil, preventing weed growth and slowing water evaporation from soil. Lawns that grow in shady areas benefit from a higher mowing height.

Longer grass blades have a greater surface area for conducting photosynthesis. In a low-light situation, this is a great benefit and a secret to growing a healthy lawn in the shade.

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To discuss garden maintenance Coffs Harbour, Coffs Spring Clean can be contacted on 0415 159 426 or you can email us with your enquiry. Alternatively, fill out our online enquiry form to provide the details of your booking and we will contact you to discuss further.