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Professional Cleaning & Home Maintenance Services Coffs Harbour

Bond Cleans

Bond Cleans Coffs Harbour

Make Moving out of a rental easy

If you’re about to move out of a rental property, the huge task of moving is bad enough. But thinking about going back to clean the place for return of your rental bond … Ugh! Why not get the professionals in to do your cleaning, and you can set your mind to your move?  We can give your home a good once over to ensure your real estate agent will delighted with the presentation of you property.

Our Bond Clean Services

Our services include all house cleaning and housekeeping chores, such as:

  • Surface dusting and polishing
  • Kitchens, ovens and cooktops
  • Bathrooms, showers and toilets
  • Laundries and other wet areas
  • Wiping down of walls and doors
  • Mopping of hard floors
  • Vacuuming of carpets and rugs
  • General tidying and organising
  • Cleaning of cupboard internals
  • Internal window cleaning*

*Note that window cleaning is charged at a higher rate

Tips for cleaning windows

Vinegar is a miracle from nature. Completely non-toxic and anti-bacterial, vinegar is actually beneficial to any surface it touches. It safely kills germs and is much more economical than chemical cleaning solutions. It’s not even harmful when accidentally inhaled or ingested.

The acidic composition of vinegar acts quickly to break down the kind of film that frequently accumulates on glass surfaces. When you wash a window using a solution that contains vinegar, the results will almost always be free from streaks and sparkling clean.

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